Exhaust Aftertreatment supported by Thermamax

The right temperature internally/externally

  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Support to Exhaust Aftertreatment
  • High Durability
  • Fire Protection included
  • Prevention of Urea-Cristallization
  • Thermamax

Introduction of Tier 3B and Tier 4 final make requirements for exhaust aftertreatment for drive systems used in Agriculture increasingly demanding. In close cooperation with development engineers from the leading Agricultural machinery manufacturers, we ensure that our insulation solutions can control temperatures from the engine to the exhaust line so precisely, that optimum conditions for combustion and clean emissions exist  alongside protection of temperature-sensitive components from heat transfer. In particular the use of Tmax-Integral insulations and Tmax-Blankets has nowadays helped to achieve results on Agricultural machinery that were previously not considered feasible.