Exhaust Emission Standards

Helpful Solutions from Thermamax

  • Optimum surface temperature
  • Support to Exhaust Aftertreatment
  • Prevention of Urea-Cristallization
  • Robust and long-life construction
  • Thermamax

Absolute control of temperature within the Exhaust Aftertreatment System is the key challenge for compliance with Tier 3B/4 final emission levels. Temperatures within the complete exhaust line are controlled in such a way that the optimum conditions are maintained for exhaust aftertreatment whilst protecting temperature-sensitive components from excessive heat transfer. For exhaust pipework applications Thermamax can design and manufacture tailor-made solutions for all production volumes. And particularly through the application of Tmax-Integral insulations and Tmax-Blankets results can be achieved that were earlier not thought possible. And there’s a positive side-effect – the likelihood of reduced insurance premiums.