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Innovative Added Value for Automotive.

Insulation Technologies from Thermamax!

Just a short introduction: On both sides of the Atlantic, the German Thermamax Hochtemperaturdämmungen GmbH and the American Thermamax Inc. are recognized as leaders in the field of cutting-edge, high-temperature insulation technologies. We have earned an outstanding reputation as a creative and dependable system-solutions provider in the OEM and Tier 1 sectors of the on-road segment.

In the design and development of new technologies, and above all in the realization of new, customer-specific solutions, we focus on research in our testing labs and close collaboration with engine and vehicle developers of the world’s leading brands at an early stage in the process.

In a nutshell: when factors like

  • Safety for personnel and equipment
  • Innovative solutions for compliance with stringent emission standards
  • Significantly lower noise levels
  • Reduction of lifecycle costs
  • Shorter development timeframes
  • Easy installation solutions

are essential, high-temperature insulation becomes a technological and design challenge that Thermamax can handle with solutions and expertise that very few European concerns can provide! We are always ready to provide good ideas and the certified production quality you need!