Capvis - the new owner of Thermamax

A new partnership provides exciting new possibilities for the future.

With Capvis we are well prepared for the Future

With Capvis we are well prepared for the Future

The Thermamax Group welcomes Capvis as it's new majority shareholder. With this new, strong financial partner Thermamax will grow sustainably.

2017 stood out for Thermamax as a year of change. In August 2017 Capvis Equity IV LP, known as Capvis, and controlled by Capvis Equity Partners AG, acquired the majority shareholding in the Thermamax Group. Capvis is concerned chiefly with supporting leading, medium-sized companies with sustained exploitation of their growth potential. This means an intensive analysis of more than 300 companies each year, Thermamax being just one company in which a transaction was concluded.

For Thermamax the takeover offers a host of new opportunities. With the huge experience of Capvis in rapidly developing markets and an integrated financial and strategic vision of the future, the partners promise great success. Among the expectations are extensions to the current product range, as well as targeted, sustained investment in new areas for expansion. 

2018 with the new partnership sees the start of an exciting new chapter in the company's history for customers, business partners and employees alike.

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