Strengthening in the area of Compliance

Increased Safety and Reliability for Thermamax's Customers

Thermamax strengthens its Compliance Management System

Thermamax strengthens its Compliance Management System

Every year companies suffer considerable losses due to regulations not being followed, passing on of confidential information, unrecognized risks etc. Our Compliance Management System helps to ensure our integrity and competitiveness, and is an indispensable tool that  we are constantly developing.     

Since July 2014 Thermamax has had a Compliance Officer. The position supports us in our role as an external partner and Project Leader on all questions of Compliance. The main responsibility is to identify potential risks in the organization and to suggest solutions.

Our Compliance Officer acts independently and is responsible directly to the Board. This  makes possible a system of Interface-Management together with the Legal Dept., Risk Management, and Internal Audit functions. He advises the company’s management and employees on important matters, and checks whether existing internal procedures and processes are appropriate and effective.

Strengthening the area of compliance  means increased safety and reliability for our customers and business partners, with a corresponding increased trust in Thermamax.