Shorter Development times – Increased Cost-effectiveness

Collaborative Engineering

Insulation of the engine and exhaust line is largely an „end-of-the-pipe“ activity . However, in the overall product development it should be factored in as early as possible. This sort of Collaborative Engineering, involving cooperation from all areas of a company, can bring huge benefits in the development phase:

  • Shorter development times.
  • Tailor-made design solutions for  the space available, minimizing need for  later changes.
  • Improved cost-efficiency.

We make use of the latest available technologies. Our experienced design engineers operate the parametric  3D-CAD-Software Pro/ENGINEER alongside the  Simulation Program Pro/MECANICA.  This allows thermodynamic calculations, at an early stage of development, to derive reliable figures on expected mechanical and thermal behavior  and overall capability of components. An early review of product characteristics not only saves time in producing prototypes, but also provides the qualitative basis for better products.

Rapid Prototyping allows us to quickly deliver actual models of the products being designed, and the geometry, feel, and function can therefore be evaluated and changed if necessary, long before an expensively-tooled series production begins. If the necessary CAD-Data are not available, we can reverse-engineer these using our 3D-Scanner and reproduce a complete dataset – also for legacy components. In this way we can create a firm basis for new component development.