Temperature-Design for Agricultural Vehicles

Achieve Tier 3B / 4 final more easily and ensure an effective Fire Protection

Using internal combustion engines in Agricultural machinery has been a godsend for the industry for more than 100 years. And after all, the first tractor was conceived in the same city that is home to Thermamax today. Time passes, but the need to ensure and indeed to increase productivity and sustainability in Agricultural applications through innovation remains. With the application of more and more powerful machinery, the risk of fire is also increased. Excessive temperatures in the engine space or exhaust line can lead to combustion of fine particles causing huge problems for personnel and machinery. Reduction, or indeed elimination of this risk, can also have a very positive effect on insurance premiums. Demands on the environmental credentials of engines are now stricter than ever. EPA Tier 3B in the USA, the shortly to be introduced EPA Tier 4 final, and the EU 3B, are the standards which engine installations must meet now and in future. Countless engine manufacturers and operators are already using a competitive “trump card“ – the long experience of Thermamax in all areas of high temperature insulation, supporting clean emissions and fire protection.