Increase Reliability

Ensure Fire and Personnel Protection, Satisfy the Insurance companies, and simplify Exhaust Aftertreatment.

Whenever high-horsepower engines in Construction site operations are operating safely and efficiently, and fulfilling the applicable exhaust emission standards without problem, then it’s likely that imaginative solutions from Thermamax are playing a part. Fire, personnel and failure protection is a key concern for Construction site operators in particular. Reduction of combustion risks due to high surface temperatures means reduced risk of machinery failure – and therefore higher productivity. Thermamax solutions are found worldwide and are an important factor in lowering insurance premiums due to the reduced fire risk. Our wide experience from the On-Highway market sector - where cleaner exhaust emissions have been the focus for many years – has strongly influenced our solutions for exhaust aftertreatment in the Mining industry. The effective support of exhaust aftertreatment systems through increased engine efficiency is one of our specialist areas.