Achieve Tier 3B / 4 final and EU 3 B more easily and reduce Fire risks. Requirements for drive systems in Railroad applications are getting ever stricter. As well as the safety aspects – including fire protection and accidental contact protection for both personnel and freight - compliance with exhaust emission standards has become a key factor. Employing Thermamax insulation technologies can make a significant contribution to the many challenges including: EPA Tier 3B in the USA, the shortly to be introduced EPA Tier 4f, and the EU 3B, are the standards which engine installations must meet now and in future. Countless engine manufacturers and operators are already using a competitive “trump card“ – the long experience of Thermamax in all areas of high temperature insulation, noise insulation, and temperature control. And as a long-term partner to the automobile industry we know the issues involved in standards compliance. Our approach to temperature-design in the exhaust line has provided many solutions in a wide range of vehicles. Get the benefit of our experience – just contact us for further details !