Tue, 09.08.2016

Everything used to be very different.

40 Years of Thermamax.

40 Years of Thermamax

Everything used to be very different.

On the 40th anniversary of our existence we’re again going to have a look back into the past. Whereas in the last Newsletter we looked at the beginnings and general development of Thermamax, this time you can learn something about how the demands on individual departments have changed as well as their daily activities.

Back in 1996 most of the 50 employees still worked in a 600 m2 hall, where solid insulations were fitted to the engines by hand. There were eight employees covering Sales, Order Processing and Purchasing, and the Design Dept. consisted of one person.

Peter Cappellucci, today in charge of the R & D, Environmental and Energy Management depts, and responsible for Health & Safety at Work, joined Thermamax in 1996 and remembers: „ The machinery area was clearly laid out but very modestly equipped.“ In 1998 he oversaw the new Laser installation. There were those with reservations, „we don’t need all that fancy new stuff – what we’ve got now is fine!“ Nevertheless customer’s needs were always addressed.

However these were not always clearly defined. Frank Weiland, Project Manager in Sales, who joined Thermamax in 2003 said: „Customer requirements were often lacking any clear detail, and sometimes just gave temperatures or maybe a statement: “This spot’s too hot“. Technically we had to be real „allrounders““.

Demands have grown over the years: the competition has increased massively. Frank Weiland again: „ Everything’s got faster and faster. Development times get shorter and shorter. It’s not just about Euros, it’s about the last cent counting too.“ And about the maximum effort in keeping close to the customer. Roman Fester explains: „Our teams are divided up to look after the larger customers or brands, so that they are the established contact partner and available as needed. The Design and Sales functions know what the customer needs and can develop suitable products accordingly, without lengthy delays.“

The R & D area can also look back on big changes. Peter Cappellucci: „By 2004 we had already installed the first R & D Laboratory with an integrated Hot Gas Test Stand to allow product optimization.”  Thermography was introduced and seen as a significant step in product acceptance testing. Today the test stands and the laboratory have developed into an established R & D Center.

Today all company activities are process-oriented, structured, and network–integrated. This is true for all internal departments as well as customers and suppliers. Increasingly it is a question of maintaining the defined processes as huge amounts of data need to be processed and taken care of.

The planned introduction of SAP will make it easier for us to deal with customer requirements worldwide.

Thermamax today is a company operating on the world stage, staying true to its core mission: Understanding Temperature.