Thu, 31.03.2016

40 Years of Thermamax – a reflection

A look back over 40 years

For four decades Thermamax has been controlling temperatures in combustion engines – a long time! Let’s look back at the start of the success story and at the founding year 1976.

Germany was divided into East and West, and in between a wall with a death-strip and orders to fire; Helmut Schmidt had just become Chancellor, Jimmy Carter was the new US President and with the death of Mao Zedongs the political climate in China was radically changing. In West Germany seat belts became compulsory and there were the Winter Olympics in Innsbruck and the Summer Olympics in Montreal. The rock band „The Eagles“ recorded „Hotel California“ and Steve Jobs started a company and launched the Apple 1.

At this time the Tmax-Team started off with just 5 employees. High-Temperature rigid insulations were produced at manual workstations for MWM in Mannheim. Companies like Daimler, MTU and Claas Harvesters also came to Thermamax. Of course all drawings were produced line-by-line by hand. Two-dimensional was all there was – for today’s designers at 3D-CAD-Workstations unimaginable.

The rigid insulations produced then are nowadays hardly used. Stricter standards and environmental guidelines meant innovation was needed. Increasingly metallic insulations were developed, for instance in order to meet the marine industry’s SOLAS Regulations. The contours and curves needed on insulations were drawn on the actual sheet and cut by hand or with electrically-operated shears. In Production there were approx. 15 employees. Even later production of integral insulations needed manual processes: stainless steel foil and insulation materials were cut with the help of templates, and the foil shells shaped using a hand press.

In spite of today’s evermore complex production demands, Thermamax has succeeded in becoming the leading manufacturer in many market sectors. The company has always focused on the needs of the customer and continually improved over time.

A journey over 4 decades is not always going to be a straight line upwards. Thermamax has succeeded due to a positive attitude and a willingness to always try something new. The results speak for themselves. Today we operate with a much higher degree of automation, with the most modern, computer-controlled machinery and a strong network. However, responsibility for the success is always down to the people involved: a bold, strategically-thinking board, committed managers, and hard-working, motivated workers.

A logo and slogan that underline our core competence have been specially produced for our anniversary: Controlling Temperature. Both contrasting elements will feature in our various communications this year. We reflect proudly on 40 years of company history and look confidently into the future – it will be both innovative and exciting!