Thu, 31.03.2016

The Turbocharger - the key component in the Automobile industry

Exhaust Gas Turbochargers

Turbocharger with Tmax-Integral-Insulation

Turbocharger with Tmax-Integral-Insulation

Today’s turbocharger is essential equipment for diesel engines, making as it does, racy vehicles out of otherwise „lame ducks“. For supercharged petrol engines an increase of 30% is expected by 2020. It’s then that stricter EU-Guidelines for emissions come into force – meaning a growth opportunity for Thermamax.

Our compact and highly effective integral insulation systems can offer a drastic reduction in engine compartment temperatures and in combination with Tmax-SONETHERM also absorb noise. This acoustically-optimized direct insulation is offered either as an integral component or in Blanket form, and can also be combined with the water-repellent insulating technology Tmax-DryTec. Our insulations fit tightly around the turbochargers, offering optimum protection even where there are differing materials and highly complex geometries to be accommodated. Thanks to our extensive design capabilities we are also able to supply optically-attractive insulations in stainless steel. With Tmax-Integral S we can offer our customers the possibility to produce same quality insulations in their own works – with up to 25% cost savings.

In this highly dynamic, growing market we are able to offer effective, custom-made design solutions for all production requirements. That’s an opportunity and at the same time a challenge. This year we will increase our Foil Dept. production facilities, including those covering turbocharger insulations, by 300%. We’re well organized: with Ralf Großhauser and our Head of Development Thomas Schramm we have recognized turbocharger specialists, and in Markus Eppel an experienced Head of Production with a highly motivated Tmax-Team.