Wed, 27.02.2013

“A further step in workflow improvement“

Installation of a new Robotic Welder.

As a systems supplier with a constantly increasing customer portfolio, Thermamax has maintained a consistent policy of process-automation over the last few years. In 2012 alone around 3 Million Euros. was invested in new technologies. Production Director Klaus Darmstädter commented: “With the investment in our new Robotic Welder we’ve made an important step towards further improved manufacturing processes“.

With the automation of special welding processes Thermamax has filled a gap in their existing manufacturing capability and workflow.

The new Robotic Weld plant is a highly flexible, transportable manufacturing cell, which can be quickly disassembled and re-erected as required. It’s principal application will be in welding fixing brackets. Again Klaus Darmstädter: “ With fixing brackets our strength lies above all in the know-how and creativity of our development engineers – and we frequently surprise our customers with our techniques. The welding itself is a task that we can leave to the robot. Fast changeover capability and flexible programming were key factors in the investment decision along with the advantage of being able to work on incoming components staightaway“.

The new manufacturing process can be summarized as follows: fixing brackets are manufactured in advance, and whether components are free-issued by the customer or delivered from a supplier, they can be welded up without delay by the robot in the quantities required, and then linked up with the actual insulation components. Result – delivery times can be further reduced.

Automated welding allows for a high level of repeat accuracy. Potential output is 45000 components per shift/year and due to the MAG welding process we can also reduce costs – all very positive news and with the increasing volumes being handled, the decision for the new plant was made that much easier...