Mon, 08.04.2013

Additional Sound Absorbing possibilities with Tmax-SONETHERM

New Perforation Plant for Stainless Steel Sheet

Needle Roller for the Perforation Plant

Demands on the OEMs and their engines and vehicles are constantly increasing. Development engineers faced with ever stricter emission regulations have to continuously try and reduce not just the degree of harmful emissions but also noise levels of their equipment. Thermamax has recognized the potential for market development and the increasing need for acoustically-effective, high-temperature insulation systems, and invested in a new Perforation Plant to be installed alongside the existing stamping plant.
Peter Cappellucci, Head of R&D at Thermamax: „Our customers are increasingly coming forward with the requirement, „We need a thermal insulation with sound-absorbing properties“. So we’ve got busy and further developed our Tmax Integral Insulation into an all-rounder called Tmax-SONETHERM. Now we can deliver series-production levels of an insulating system with significant acoustic benefits, without affecting the inherent thermal and mechanical features and properties of the integral insulation.”

The combination of thermal and noise-absorbing encapsulation can ensure the additional effect of reducing noise and sound-pressure levels of surrounding components in the vehicle, and in all elements of the exhaust line including for example, turbocharger, exhaust pipework, catalytic converter, diesel particle filter, and silencer. It’s a convincing concept – fitting Tmax-SONETHERM means that previously untouched vehicle surfaces, for instance hot components within the exhaust system, can now be looked at for simple additional acoustic treatment.
Tmax SONETHERM is produced with the same manufacturing procedures and technologies as Tmax Integral Insulation. The noise-absorbing effectiveness of the insulation system is largely achieved by a careful micro-perforation of the external metallic layer. Against a background of rising demand, Thermamax decided to bring this previously sub-contracted process of micro-perforation of the insulation in-house. The Perforation Plant is set for commissioning in May 2013.    

Thermamax is increasing it’s manufacturing capability and flexibility, and removing it’s dependence on suppliers, restricted markets and material availability.