Tue, 15.09.2015

Thermamax presents Ideas for Tomorrow

Press Release IAA Cars 2015

Tmax-Design-Turbocharger presented at the IAA Cars 2015

Tmax-Design-Turbocharger presented at the IAA Cars 2015

5Mannheim. From the 15th - 27th Sept. Thermamax will make its debut showing at the IAA Exhibition in Frankfurt presenting its innovative ideas in the field of High-Temperature Insulation Systems. The company is already offering its product solutions for future requirements including increased performance for lower displacement engines (downsizing), and innovative designs for various components in the engine compartment. Thanks to their in-house "think tank", tBrain, and their own Design Studio, Thermamax can produce some unconventional ideas and unusual solutions that are guaranteed to excite interest both technically and visually.

On Stand 403, Hall 4.0 at the IAA, Thermamax will be showing their two-part design study Tmax-Multi-Functional Engine Enclosure and Tmax-Design-Turbocharger in which the company will take various current trends and develop them into solutions for the future.

Stricter emission regulations demand a reduction in engine displacement or the number of cylinders. In spite of this, driving enjoyment demands that engines develop more power. To meet this contradiction Thermamax offers the Tmax-Design-Turbocharger. The increasing exhaust gas temperature means the whole engine compartment is getting hotter. The Multi-Functional Engine Enclosure copes with this and comprizes a structural element, an insulating fibre component and a bionically-structured stainless steel foil.

Use of new materials and structures plays an important role at Thermamax, and these come into play in the Design Studio too. Stainless steel has an impressive visual impact of course, but its thinness makes it difficult to form and shape. That's why with the clever use of the Voronoi-structure with its ability to minimize the number of folds, we have been able to develop a process that transforms even the folds into a visually attractive material. Smooth, cleanly formed surfaces in a balanced transition to the modern, aggressive Voronoi-structure make the Design-Turbocharger a visual highlight.

The Multi-Functional Engine Enclosure owes its high-quality appearance to the use of a semi-transparent coating of carbon fibre. Openings in the enclosure accentuate the insulation and give an additional edge to the overall visual impression. As the enclosure also stabilizes the insulation, additional componentry can become unnecessary meaning potential space and weight savings.

The design study Tmax-Multi-Functional Engine Enclosure and Tmax-Design-Turbocharger offers the following benefits:

| reduced engine compartment temperatures
| enhanced engine compartment layout
| improved visual impression of engine compartment
| reduced radiated noise (Sound-Design)
| reduced component failures/claims due to excessive thermal loads (benefit for the marque).

Progress like this is only possible when unconventional thinking can take place, be encouraged, and ultimately realized. At Thermamax that's the internal, inner-disciplinary "think tank" called tBrain. Input from the areas of Design, Thermodynamics, Technology, Research & Development, and Business Development comes together. Thermamax also has its own Design Studio where high-performance, high-temperature Insulation Systems can be visually transformed.

Proven Solutions

At the IAA you can see further examples of innovation from Thermamax.

Tmax-DryTec, the world's first truly hydrophobic insulation material for high-temperature application preventing water retention in insulation. The system ensures no valuable heat-loss on system startup, with a significant improvement in the Light-Off characteristic. Additionally DryTec improves the durability and performance of the insulation fibre.

Tmax-SONETHERM, the high-temperature insulation that also absorbs and reduces radiated noise, and assists designers with engine noise profiling whilst retaining its positive, mechanical insulating properties.

Tmax-Integral S brings the future of insulation to our Customers. We can integrate the complete insulation process into the manufacturing chain, and provide the Know-how as well as all technical equipment needed. Our Customers can save up to 25% of a conventional insulation procedure carried out at Thermamax. 

Here you can download the press release.