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Thermamax High-Temperature Insulations. Safety and Design without compromise.

Press Release SMM 2016

Tmax Multi-Functional Engine Enclosure embodying „stealth-design“ principles. At SMM 2016 Thermamax will be showing their unique high-temperature insulations fulfilling all safety requirements for marine engine rooms, without compromise.

Tmax Multi-Functional Engine Enclosure embodying „stealth-design“ principles. At SMM 2016 Thermamax will be showing their unique high-temperature insulations fulfilling all safety requirements for marine engine rooms, without compromise.

Mannheim. On the high seas nothing is more important than safety and fire protection. Thermamax is always looking to new solutions to guarantee this and from the 6th – 9th Sept. will be showing their unique insulation technologies fulfilling all safety requirements for marine engine rooms, without compromise. One of the novel insulation concepts takes surface temperatures down to 60°C, exceeding even the SOLAS requirements for fire protection. The individual and visually attractive aesthetics of the Engine Enclosure Design Study set a new standard and enable to achieve a clear competitive differentiation. Proven, 100 % SOLAS-compliant Tmax-Insulation Enclosures complete our product range.

Lowest temperature for the highest safety level – our 60 °C Insulation Concept

Flammable gases in the engine room are unavoidable. In order to minimize the risk of fire, effective high-temperature insulation is essential in dealing with the raised temperatures on the engine and the associated exhaust line. Following an intensive period of development we will be presenting the Tmax-60°C-Insulation Concept which will exceed the official requirements for fire protection: with exhaust temperatures between 600 and 700 °C and engine room temperatures of 30 °C, the new insulation can achieve a surface temperature of 60 °C and safely prevent ignition of gases in the engine room. For the realization of this insulation concept, different design approaches are possible, including multi-layered or varying thickness processes. The design has already been implemented on various projects and successful testing completed.  

High-Performance Insulation with Aesthetics – The Tmax-Design Study for an Engine Enclosure

Alongside the safety aspect that is inherent in our products, the question of design has a particular importance. Design does not just mean a good appearance, it can reflect brand image, convey innovation, capability and quality, and with it a clear competitive advantage for our customers. In our internal design studio we are constantly working to maximize the impact of the appearance of our products.

This year we are also presenting a design study at SMM reflecting our fascination and capability with this area: the Tmax-Design Study for an Engine Enclosure embodying „stealth-design“ principles. This design style deliberately avoids an elegant, soft-contoured approach. A blend of styles is given up in favor of a more aggressive appearance, expressing dynamism, maneuverability and speed.                 

The characteristic of a stealth-design is large surface areas with 2D triangular features ensuring strong reflections. This design form was developed in the 80’s for Bomber aircraft in order that they would be invisible to radar – the so-called „Stealth Technology“. Due to the angular shapes, radar or light waves were only intermittently reflected by the object’s movements. That led to the desired „Stealth Technology“ and to the reflections of the design objects. Stylistically, the uniqueness of the stealth-design was so attractive that after several years many designers adopted it for their more extravagant, exotic products. Today one can often find elements of stealth-design in the furniture industry and particularly in the marine sector, but also in everyday products like knives, headphones, packaging etc.            

The Tmax-Design Study for an Engine Enclosure with Stealth-Design offers several benefits. The dynamic appearance attracts individuals and boat owners who want something different, as well as complementing the general aura associated with sport boats. 

Additional styling features are possible by using different surface finishes. Sheet components can be supplied with a brushed matt surface or combined with a highly polished finish, meaning that the enclosure can be easily made to meet individual preferences.

Thermamax uses neatly profiled corrugations and flat recesses and raised points in the manufacture of the sheet material, and this in turn increases the stiffness of the enclosure. This saves the use of additional material and ensures minimum weight. Combining these design elements with the stealth-design gives an even finer, more delicate structure, guaranteed to attract attention.

Stealth-design is transferable to all 100% SOLAS-conforming Tmax-Insulation Enclosures. At SMM, with the help of a Design-Booklet, you’ll be able to convince yourself of the practicality of the product and to gain a first impression of its extraordinary aesthetic attraction.             

Apart from its special look, this surface design fits perfectly into our production process. Although flat sheets with dynamic basic proportions based on triangles would normally present a big challenge for designers, for us they are a straightforward manufacture.

The design study concept and realization is 100% Thermamax, again underlining our know-how and vertical integration. Advances of this nature are only possible when unconventional ideas can be conceived, pursued, and realized in the right environment. Precisely the right conditions exist in our internal inter-disciplinary think tank  tBrain .  This is the nerve center representing all departments including Design, Thermodynamics, Technology, Research & Development, and Business Development. In addition, in Thermamax’s own design studio, high-performance, high-temperature insulations can be transformed into visual highlights.

Proven and Reliable – 100 % SOLAS-conforming Tmax-Insulation Enclosures

Since our founding in 1976 we have had a single mission: Understanding Temperature. We have made dealing with temperatures in Engines and Exhaust Systems our core business and know what matters when it comes to the Marine Industry. Effective fire protection, simple maintenance and increased levels of safety are the important requirements. To this we can add support in achieving IMO-Emission levels and a targeted temperature control.

Tmax-Insulation Claddings meet all defined criteria and ensure increased efficiency and safety in engine rooms and at sea. We value a close cooperation with our customers: from concept through to installation and aftersales, we are at your side with our experience gained over several decades. Come and convince yourself about the benefits of Tmax-Insulation Enclosures and visit us at SMM 2016 in Hamburg, Hall A4, Stand A4.110.

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