Tue, 13.12.2016

So much happened. Reason enough to look back

Review of 2016

Review of 2016

A year full of activity for our customers in the different market sectors.

We have made changes at the top, celebrated a significant anniversary, prepared ourselves fit for the future, and can look back on a year full of activity for our customers in the different market sectors.

A new CEO

On 7th March 2016 Ralf Großhauser took over the position of Chairman of the Board of Management of Thermamax Hochtemperaturdämmungen GmbH, replacing the interim CEO Dr. Jochen Weyrauch. He assumes responsibility for the Development, Production, Logistics and Quality functions as well as the Sales and Marketing departments. He is committed to the expansion of our activities in the USA and China. To News

40 Years Thermamax

„When it gets hot, we stay cool.“ That’s the motto of our 40th anniversary year, which we celebrated this year at various different events. With memories of the past and with pride in the achievements, things can only continue positively. We look forward to the next 40 years! To the News 40 Years Thermamax – a look back and Everything was different then

Investments in the Future

2016 again saw us looking ahead at the Mannheim headquarters with the investment in new machinery in order to further strengthen our future capability. With the optimization of various processes we have further increased our vertical integration and the associated value chain. Similarly we have made further investments in our Thermamax, Inc. location in the USA. To News

Our customers have needs, we have the solutions

We are always working on new solutions to help our customers achieve increased performance, safety and efficiency for their engines and exhaust systems. This year we have again succeeded with that target in the various market sectors in which we operate.

  • Key Components Exhaust Turbochargers

    In diesel engines it makes racy vehicles out of otherwise „lame ducks“. The number of supercharged petrol engines will increase by 30 % by 2020 and it’s then that stricter EU-Guidelines for emissions come into force – and we have the solution: Our compact and highly effective integral insulation systems can offer a drastic reduction in engine compartment temperatures and in combination with Tmax-SONETHERM also absorb noise, or with Tmax-DryTec become water-resistant. With Tmax-IntegralS we can offer our customers the possibility to produce same quality insulations in their works – with up to 25% cost savings. To News

  • Big Success: Thermamax Insulation Enclosure for Giant Excavator

    Extraordinary demands especially excite us. This time it was design and manufacture of an Insulation Enclosure for the engine compartment of a 65 tonne Giant Excavator. This had to be retrofittable to all machines already manufactured. One year later the insulation was ready for installation, thanks to a close cooperation between customer, sales and design departments. To News

  • Insulation without weak points using the Tmax-V-Band Clamp Insulation

    Interfaces between components in engine compartments are always potential weak points in the insulation. The new Tmax-V-Band Clamp Insulation solves this problem in a safe and effective way and is available with two types of fixings. Alongside the traditional screwed fixing Thermamax is offering a novel fixing method called Tmax-TwistTec which can be simply and safely installed. To News

  • Less effort with EU Fire Protection Norm

    The new EU-Norm relating to Fire Protection in Rail Vehicles has been in force since March 2016. We have had one of our shaped insulating elements tested and certified by an accredited Test laboratory, which means you can save the additional expense of tests and classification. To News

  • Stealth Design

    In the Marine market sector we tackled the subject of „Stealth Design“ and were able to satisfy the demands of Sports Boat owners with a unique product design. To News

  • Outstanding Fire Protection with 60 °C Insulation Concept

    Flammable gases in the engine room are unavoidable. In order to minimize the risk of fire at sea, effective high-temperature insulation is essential. Following an intensive period of development this year we were able to present the Tmax-60 °C-Insulation Concept to the marine industry. It exceeds even the official SOLAS Regulations. There have been various different design approaches used in the realization of this insulation concept, including multi-layered, varying thickness insulation processes.

Company Run

Naturally we were present at the first Mannheim Company Run where about 1000 runners from 90 companies took part. 12 highly-motivated, sporty Tmax-Runners faced the 5 km challenge successfully from Rhein-Neckar stadium to the upper Luisenpark in Mannheim, despite temperatures of 33 °C and a burning sun. No problem for Thermamax with that sort of temperature!