Fri, 28.03.2014

Girls in the Test Laboratory.

The first „Girls Day“ at Thermamax

Girls in the Test Laboratory. The first „Girls Day“ at Thermamax

Girls in the Test Laboratory. The first „Girls Day“ at Thermamax

On 27.03.2014 Thermamax took part in the nationwide „Girls Day“.

Two 12-year old girls from the local Bensheim Girls School used the opportunity to gain an insight into the manufacture of high temperature insulation systems. The two visitors took a look at various different work stations in Production, Goods Inward, Despatch, and in the Test Laboratory, and were given a detailed tour not normally afforded to outsiders: for instance the girls were able to control temperatures on an exhaust gas system and to observe insulation fibre through a microscope. The two girls – Lotte Auer and Luna Bohlken, both aged 12, certainly came away with a positive impression: „We enjoyed our visit to Thermamax. It was good fun and  interesting too.“

About the „Girls Day“
„Girls Day“, the largest career-oriented project for schoolgirls worldwide, allows young women to learn more about careers with a specialist, technical emphasis such as Mathematics, IT, and Science and Technology (the so-called MINT-Careers). Earnings and career prospects are relatively high in these areas, and the requirement for highly qualified professionals continues to rise. The problem remains that in these MINT-Careers the proportion of women in education and subsequently in actual positions is less than 40%. More than half the girls choose from just ten types of apprenticeship – none of which are science and technology-based. This means they are not fully exploiting their career opportunities and also that businesses in technical-related areas are missing out on qualified young people.  The aim of the „Girls Day“ is to actively counter reservations that they may have concerning perceived male dominated careers, and to encourage a working life oriented beyond the usual cliche. Frequently an ignorance or misconception concerning obscure, highly technical tasks can prevent them from making a particular career choice. On „Girls Day“ they will learn that working in the more technical-based professions can be socially and creatively rewarding, as well as lively and exciting.