Mon, 22.04.2013

Thermamax: Environmental Management System audited and successfully renewed in accordance with ISO 14001

Thermamax has long had a commitment to protecting the environment and to the systematic reduction of all resources used in their various manufacturing processes. This commitment is implemented under an environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001 – and regularly audited by independent inspectors. In March 2013 the annual audit was successfully completed.

Thermamax has operated all processes for many years under the guiding principle :“We’re manufacturing products for protection of the environment, and employing environmentally-conscious processes in doing so.” Peter Cappellucci, responsible for Environmental Management at Thermamax commented:“ This principle represents the philosophy not just of the management but of all employees at Thermamax. We believe it’s important, not just producing environmentally-friendly products, but also making sure we do it in an environmentally-friendly way. This holistic approach is applied from the various manufacturing processes right through to the latest logistic concepts“.

And Thermamax is getting real results with this approach: their designs and products increase the efficiency of catalytic converters and diesel particle filters used in exhaust aftertreatment, contribute significantly to fuel saving in vehicle fleets, and make engines and vehicles quieter. The manufacturing process ensures that nearly 90% of environmentally-friendly materials can be recycled.

What works for the products and the various technologies employed is also good for a continuous improvement in the company infrastructure. Energy consumption in the manufacturing process is a key challenge. Thermamax is investing seven-figure sums each year in energy-efficient machinery and equipment, and new logistic concepts are in the program too. Peter Cappellucci again:“ Our new systems are reducing multiple movement of components – the so-called „parts-tourism“. That protects resources and saves time. And with the development of multiple change-carrier systems we’ve been able to save on packing materials for our customers as well as improving the environment”.

With the certification of the environmental management system Thermamax has been able to demonstrate it’s capability in protecting the environment. Peter Cappellucci:“ We see ourselves as collectively managing the environment, and that’s why we’re already looking forward to next year’s audit. If the inspectors make suggestions for improvements or provide a positive feedback, we can learn from that and make even further progress“.