Thu, 26.04.2018

Powering over the prairies

Thermamax guarantees intense driving pleasure

Off-road vehicles

Thermamax insulates Power Sport Vehicles

An extremely popular hobby in the USA is driving Power Sport Vehicles – off-road vehicles which drivers can use to drive over rough terrain. Thermamax is providing support for this much-loved motorsport with thermal and acoustic solutions.

This unique sport, combining technical dynamics, adventure and nature, can be pursued almost anywhere in the USA. In a country of almost 9.8 million square kilometres there are more types of climate and more varied types of terrain than anywhere else. This provides a whole bunch of places to experience the passion of power sport, as one is never far from the nearest driving area.

Power Sport Vehicles are high performance, mainly two- and four-seater, off-road vehicles. They provide an incomparable feeling of driving fun and freedom when exploring backwoods, clambering over huge rocky hills or soaring over sand dunes. There are two types of vehicle: Recreational Utility Vehicles (RUVs) are pure fun and sports vehicles with the latest suspension, high performance engines and modern electronics while Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs) are more practical, as the Caterpillar, John Deere, Bob-Cat and Textron models are also sold commercially.

A limit has been set to competition for the highest performance and maximum cylinder capacity has been set at 1,000 cc. Manufacturers have therefore resorted to engines with higher compression, direct injection and turbo-charging. This, however, produces higher noise emissions and exhaust temperatures and this takes conventional thermal shields to their limits.

With Thermamax, Inc. as experts in thermal and acoustic solutions in the USA, the OEMs therefore can score points in competitive performance: Tmax-Heatshields provide heat insulation against heat and guarantee increased safety; Tmax-SONETHERM reduces sound pressure levels to the limits set by the EPA. Thermamax GmbH in Mannheim also plays its part in supporting the popular sport. For a manufacture of Power Sport Vehicles in Europe, we produce Tmax-Heatshilds and Tmax- Integral S (the insulation assembly takes place in the customer’s factory) for a turbocharger. The key in the future will be to meet power sport enthusiasts’ expectations to drive faster, jump higher and travel further - and smile wider than ever before.