Mon, 02.12.2013

Thermamax IMPULSFORUM celebrates it’s first successful launch event together with environmental award winner Prof. Dr. Claus Mattheck


 Thermamax IMPULSFORUM: Prof. Dr. Claus Mattheck presented some of nature’s "thinking tools".

Thermamax IMPULSFORUM: Prof. Dr. Claus Mattheck presented some of nature’s "thinking tools".

On 29.11.2013 Thermamax launched it’s first IMPULSFORUM under the heading "Thermamax meets Bionics – Optimizing technical-based components to nature’s design rules." This first event took place at the Eppelheim center of the Baden Württemberg College of Higher Education (DHBW), and more than 50 guests, company personnel and lecturers of the DHBW were there to hear distinguished speaker Prof. Dr. Claus Mattheck.

"The Thermamax IMPULSFORUM can act as a platform to inspire new ideas and constructive exchange of views. We want our colleagues – and in future our customers too – to think laterally. Together we want to look at the bigger picture, consider new approaches, and devise new solutions to known problems.", said Jochen Früh, Sales and Business Development Manager at Thermamax, when welcoming those attending and explaining the purpose behind the series of events.

A more visionary, proactive engineering approach to the market: Thermamax has established a joint cooperation with the DHBW Mannheim

Prof. Dr. Carsten Seidel, Academic Dean for Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies at the DHBW, explained the role of his institution as joint host of the event: "We see ourselves as the guarantor of the future. It’s our job to develop new concepts and a broad, visionary approach." That sums up the basis for the cooperation between Thermamax and the DHBW, which started some months ago. "Prof. Dr. Carsten Seidel is helping us adapt some of the more "off-the-wall" ideas so that we can be more proactive in the market ", added Jochen Früh. The Eppelheim center  was chosen as the location for the event to emphasize the link with the college. Members of the DHBW guided the visitors through the various high-tech laboratories, and stressed the importance the college places on translating theory into practice. Actual projects, such as ELMAR, a futuristic electric vehicle, or "Pareto", a floating boat of concrete construction, go to show that visionary concepts can be realized and engage both students and professors alike.

Component optimization for all: Prof. Dr. Claus Mattheck explains nature’s design rules

With an infectious enthusiasm, some humorous language, and some home-made illustrations, Claus Mattheck presented some of nature’s so-called thinking tools: shear square, tensile triangles, and force cones. Nature is a real mistress for a Professor of Physics when it comes to load distribution.  His mission is, and remains, to learn from these things and to be able to use them for the best optimization of components. "Its very satisfying for me when a company rings up and says "You really helped us with that"", explained Claus Mattheck.  His goal is to help people, particularly young people, towards a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of mechanics, allowing a geometric understanding, not necessarily using formulae, of biological constructions leading to better optimized components. "It’s like looking into the movement of a clock to determine what it is, rather than just looking at it and saying "that’s a clock"" added Claus Mattheck.
The inspirational and highly original pioneer of bionics certainly had the audience under his spell...