Thu, 19.07.2018

School meets Industry

Thermamax Inc. Promotes Manufacturing to Students

Thermamax Inc. Promotes Manufacturing to Students.

Thermamax Inc. Promotes Manufacturing to Students.

Students from East Aurora High School visited Thermamax Inc. in Aurora IL.

The visit was part of a campaign initiated by the Valley Industrial Association (VIA) to promote manufacturing to young people. The students from age of 13 to 16 were introduced to the world of high temperature insulations and its applications like onboard ships, agricultural machines or exciting power sports vehicles. The teenagers also understood that manufacturing companies are no longer dark and dirty, as many probably still think, but feature a convenient and clean work environment as well as most modern computer controlled engineering and machine tools. The variety of different job profiles and exciting career opportunities is another good argument to for these young people to consider manufacturing as a path for their future.