Mon, 06.05.2013

Thermamax: New Fire Alarm System ensures Quality and Productivity

The expanding production facilities at Thermamax took a further step towards ensuring future safety and reliability with the recent investment in a new Fire Alarm System. A demanding certification by the Association of Property Insurers (VdS) is scheduled for the 15th May 2013.

The new Fire Alarm System covers the complete factory area of the Mannheim-based technology leader for high temperature and acoustic insulation.
Daniel Langenbacher, Quality manager and responsible  for fire protection at Thermamax commented: „ The new system represents a further enhancement to what we’ve been building for some years. We wanted to create the very best system in terms of safety, quality and efficiency for our workforce, the production facilities and above all for our customers.“

Thermamax has earned a name worldwide among the leading engine and vehicle manufacturers as an innovative technology leader and creative systems provider. In the last two years alone the Mannheim-based company has doubled it’s production area. With a highly efficient logistics system – operating largely on JIT  (just-in-time) principles to the production line - they deliver to Europe and beyond. The significant market penetration that they have won brings with it a responsibility. Daniel Langenbacher again: „Our customers’ production relies in turn on reliable deliveries from us. With the investment in this new system we’ve reached the highest standard possible in respect of fire protection.“

Proof of the new system’s ability to meet the most demanding requirements will be shown by the Association of Property Insurers (VdS) certification on 15.5.2013. Daniel Langenbacher : „We’re looking forward to being able to display the certification from this recognized and demanding institution. This is another area where we are consistently exceeding the norm in the interests of our customers.“