Mon, 29.04.2013

Thermamax: New Lightweight Presses commissioned and operating with maximum flexibility

Thermamax has long pursued a policy of continuous improvement and streamlined workflows in all it's production lines, irrespective of the production volume in question. With  the recent commissioning of two highly flexible Lightweight Presses the company has taken a further innovative step.

As a solutions provider to OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers worldwide Thermamax delivers tailor-made products for a huge range of applications.  With the high number of product and material combinations possible,  maximum flexibility in production departments is an absolute priority. And with the concept of a multi-role press for low-volume component shaping, the Mannheim-based company  is striving for even greater efficiency.

Klaus Darmstädter, Head of Production at Thermamax: "When we're designing our production lines we have a clear philosophy - to try and get the optimum balance between flexibility and investment costs.  With these versatile new presses we believe we've achieved that aim."

The company's approach in this case is based on the concept of a mobile unit, which can be moved between work stations as needed and set to work immediately. The fact that the new presses are not just mobile but also guarantee a more flexible and safer operation, was an important factor in the decision. Virtually all the existing machine tools can be used on the two presses, and with the 3-stage adjustment of the press table even the most difficult shaped tools and components can be accommodated. The control system includes a flatscreen with download programs for all tools utilised.

Klaus Darmstädter again: " With their excellent mobility the machines can be moved from one production process to the next - rather than the other way round - and put into operation straightaway. We can move them to the required work station,  connect up the power and start work. We're aiming for a changeover time of just 15 minutes, and to a certain extent that's only limited by how efficiently we ourselves can work."