Tue, 02.04.2013

Commissioning of a New Two-Component Painting Plant

Thermamax on course for Quality and Environmental improvements

Klaus Darmstädter in charge of Production is convinced: „The traditional painting process is lengthy and energy-intensive. We saw potential with this investment and that’s been realized with these new paint facilities“

And in fact the new, computer-controlled plant achieves consistent quality and optimized use of materials from the initial  preparation of mixing ratios onwards. The concept of a two-component painting plant has also meant clear efficiency improvements.

The simplified application of the paint to a consistent quality level has also significantly reduced the usually needed touch-up work. Compared to old-style plants there are also reduced drying times.

Thermamax – a company certified to ISO 14001 – is also pleased with the investment from an environmental viewpoint: The new plant operates with significantly lower emissions of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Automated cleaning of the manually operated spray-guns also reduces the solvents needed.

Klaus Darmstädter again: „Protection of the environment is an important matter for us to which we’re fully committed and conscious of for the complete production process. With the new two-component plant we’ve made a further positive step: energy consumption, emissions, and waste disposal are optimized. The investment has paid off in every respect both for us and our customers.“