Mon, 25.03.2019

Maximizing vehicle safety

Thermamax performs crash test on battery housing

Thermamax performs crash test on battery housing.

Thermamax performs crash test on battery housing.

With the newly developed housing for lithium-ion systems, Thermamax is making an important contribution to the operational safety of batteries. One key feature of the Tmax-Battery Housing is its crash resistance. By performing our own crash test, we gained valuable insights for the development process and integration of safety features.

The Tmax-Battery Housing was developed to provide the highest security in case of accident. It’s crash-resistant, which means it minimizes mechanical deformations (e.g. in case of collisions) and thus reduces the danger of possible electrical short circuits that might lead to fires.

To integrate the safety features in the development process, a computer model of the battery housing was created and simulated via CAE in the Thermamax Simulation Department.

Thermamax performed a crash test in its own test lab in order to verify the simulation.


The test provided empirical values as verifications that could be used as the basis for additional calculations in the computer model. This method ensures that well founded safety features are integrated into the product development from the start.

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