Mon, 25.05.2020

Sponsoring Formula Student Team

Thermamax provides support with milled parts

Thermamax supports Formula Student team with milled parts.

Thermamax supports Formula Student team with milled parts.

This year we again supported the students in the KA-RaceIng team (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)) in building their vehicles for the Formula Student competition. This time we didn’t supply parts for combustion cars but rather for an electric and an autonomous version of the race car.

Our toolmaking department provided milled parts for this project. These are special housing parts designed to accommodate the rotor bearings in the electric motor while also connecting the motor with the gearbox (2-stage planetary gear). 

The parts were milled from high-strength aluminum, where dimensions and tolerances in the hundredth-millimeter range had to be observed. A great achievement by the toolmakers at Thermamax!

Thermamax Frästeile für Formula Stunden Wagen

Tmax-Frästeile für Formula Student Team

☹ Unfortunately the Formula Student competition was cancelled for 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic! This means that the KIT students will not be able to drive the new cars in 2020. But they are fully committed to their preparations for the next season! We hope they continue to enjoy their designing and construction work!