Thu, 15.12.2016

Even a Turbo needs some rest

Thoughts at the Year’s End

Thoughts at the Year’s End

Thoughts at the Year’s End

40 years of Thermamax is a continuing success story. And again for the forthcoming year we intend to meet the needs and requirements of our customers with the highest quality, innovative, and on-time products. Whether it be in the engine compartment or the exhaust line, with diesel engine, gasoline engine, fuel cell or electric drive – the year 2017 with Thermamax will be both innovative and exciting!

Now enjoy the Christmas season. Because: Even a Turbo needs some rest.

As experts on the subject of temperature we recommend: cool down, switch off, and recharge your batteries.

Spoil yourself in the company of your loved ones and pay attention to the correct temperature of Goose (250 °C), Mulled Wine (72 °C) and your Body (37 °C).

Celebrate New Year as it should be celebrated. But watch out for the fireworks (up to 3000 °C)! Get out in the fresh winter air (ideally < 0 °C). The New Year should be tackled with a cool head.

More about temperatures next year. We’ll be charged up and ready to go.

Thermamax wishes you and your families a peaceful Christmas and a successful New Year 2017.