Mon, 19.11.2018

Tmax-Insulation Cladding Chosen for AGCO’s Game Changing IDEAL Combine

Tmax-Insulation Cladding Chosen for AGCO’s Game Changing IDEAL Combine. Photo courtesy: AGCO corporation.

Tmax-Insulation Cladding Chosen for AGCO’s Game Changing IDEAL Combine. Photo courtesy: AGCO corporation.

Thermamax, recognized worldwide as the specialist in the design and manufacture of thermal and acoustic insulation systems, has been chosen as the fire prevention system supplier for AGCO’s IDEAL™ combine, Class 7 models. Thermamax is excited to partner with AGCO to provide Tmax-Insulation Claddings.

The IDEAL combine, a global platform, is the first “clean-sheet” combine design of an axial combine in the industry in over 30 years. Significant feedback from dealers and customers the world over drove design and engineering decisions.

The AGCO IDEAL combine uses Tmax-Insulation Cladding for prevention of thermal events. Tmax-Insulation Cladding comprises three components in a cassette design: the outer shell, the insulating material and the inner shell. The non-jacketted components are thermally insulated. Combustible deposits can no longer accumulate on the surfaces and temperature-sensitive components in the immediate area are protected from excess heat. 

“With a global design team working together, AGCO created the IDEAL combine based on what producers around the world told us they needed most – in-field efficiency, unrelenting uptime, radically simple operation and better grain quality – to harvest their crops,” says Caleb Schleder, North America Tactical Marketing Manager for Combines. “The IDEAL has gone through seven years of the most vigorous testing and been proven in what we call the ‘corner’ conditions, the most extreme conditions in a variety of global crops.”

The combine will be available in Class 7, 8 and 9, providing the right capacity to maximize harvest for all operations. Headers featured for small grains and canola include the 9255 DynaFlex™ draper head available in 25-, 30-, 35- and 40-foot models and the 15-foot 4300 pick up head. Additionally, the Command Series corn head will be compatible with the IDEAL combine.

The IDEAL combine, with Tmax-Insulation Claddings from Thermamax, will begin initial deliveries to customers in 2019.

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