Mon, 06.04.2020

Thermamax offers its know-how

Together against COVID-19

Together against COVID-19: Thermamax offers its know-how.

Together against COVID-19: Thermamax offers its know-how.

The Coronavirus is continuing to spread throughout Germany and we don’t seem to have reached the peak of the curve yet. Medical facilities, hospitals and care homes are particularly hard hit due to the shortage of important medical resources, such as masks and protective clothing. At Thermamax we are keen to do what we can to help.  

“We want to support those fighting against COVID-19,” says Thorsten Thom, CEO of the Thermamax Group. Thomas Schramm, Director of Engineering at the Mannheim firm, goes on, “This is how we see it. We are able to make our skills available in the following areas: development and production of equipment and accessories made of steel, production of protective equipment, such as respiratory masks using filter materials, and protective clothing. In addition, we can also use our 3D printer to produce protective masks.”  

Thermamax would be delighted to provide this range of supplies to any medical or protective equipment companies that are currently hitting full capacity and need to overcome bottlenecks in their supply chain. 

If you have any specific questions, please contact our experts: 

Dennis Baumann

Vice President Sales

Tel.: +49 621 322 35 212

Mobil: +49 174 685 4499

Thomas Schramm

Director Engineering

Tel.: +49 621 322 35 474

Mobil: +49 151 42 49 20 06