Lightweight and highly effective.

This technology is used in following industries:

The Tmax-Blankets are removable multi-component shells made from stainless steel foil, which effectively protect the intermediate insulation material against all kinds of damaging effects.

The inner and outer shells of the Tmax-Blankets are formed using the latest stamping and forming tools in such a way so that they perfectly fit the contours of the object to be insulated as if made to measure. The materials and the strengths of the insulating inserts are specially developed according to the respective technical requirements in the Thermamax works. Intrinsic oscillation is virtually non-existent due to the low weight of this insulation variant. Extractions, hollows or additional fastening elements are possible at any location of the insulation necessary, meaning that Tmax-Blankets are multi-functional and can be used for any of your machines.

  • High resistance to vibration
  • High insulation value
  • High mechanical strength
  • Easily dis- and remounted
  • Thermamax