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Gas turbine insulation with Thermamax

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A high-performance and reliable insulation is indispensable for the operational safety of gas turbines. Compared to conventional solutions, the single-layer insulations from Thermamax offer a much greater insulating performance and service life while reducing the maintenance efforts to a minimum. In our cooperation, we are guided entirely by your requests. We support you locally, work with your turbine manufacturer and let you choose exactly the services you need from our comprehensive package. This is gas turbine insulation with added value.



Our total package includes the following services.

1. Site inspection:
We get an exact picture of your gas turbine and use thermography to determine the weak points or the need.

2. 3D-scan: 
If no 3D data are available, we perform an on-site scan to capture the gas turbine.

3. Design: 
Based on the 3D model, we develop custom-fit insulation for your gas turbine.

4. Production: 
After your approval during a design review, we produce your individual insulation.

5. Assembly: 
Our engineers install the insulation on your gas turbine in just a few steps.

6. Service: 
You can utilize our consultation and services at any time after the installation.

7. Detailed documentation:  
We provide you with an installation and maintenance manual that you can refer to during servicing.



Halter bei Gasturbinenisolierung



Stainless steel supports on the turbine housing ensure that the insulation fits firmly on the gas turbine.



Isolierung bei Gasturbinenisolierung



The individual insulation blankets are attached to the brackets with Velcro fasteners.



Trittschutz bei Gasturbinenisolierung



To protect the insulation against mechanical stress, for example when the space is accessed by maintenance personnel, a kick protection made of perforated aluminum sheets is installed on the upper part of the turbine.




| individual service package
| sophisticated high-end insulation design
| less hotspots and heat lost, i.e. higher insulation performance
| high-quality materials
| easy to disassemble and reinstall with Velcro fasteners
| no pins are used as fasteners, ensuring highest safety during the installation
short-term availability of spare parts
| on-site service



| higher reliability and longer service life of the gas turbine
| higher efficiency, because no heat loss
| cost-effective long-term solution
| shorter installation and maintenance times
| safer and non-hazardous installation and maintenance


  • higher reliability and longer service life of the gas turbine
  • higher efficiency, because minimized heat loss
  • cost-effective long-term solution
  • shorter installation and maintenance times
  • safer and non-hazardous installation and maintenance