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Tmax-Intrgeal S

Tmax-Integral S

Insulation shells for self-assembly

With Tmax-Integral S you have the possibility to carry out the insulation in your own works. And with the same Thermamax quality. Reduce logistics costs, time spent in planning, tied-up capital and CO2 emissions – and increase the added value in your own organization.
What you get from us is a complete, tailor-made package containing everything necessary to smoothly integrate the insulating into your manufacturing process – including components, know-how, and all technical equipment from a single source. Insulating was never so easy...

The insulation system comprises outer shells of stainless steel fitted on the internal surface with a  fibre insulating material. The edges of the shells are fixed firmly together with a folded seam. The latest embossing tooling can produce the material in every imaginable shape, while still guaranteeing flexibility and the precise fit of the insulation fibre itself.  The thin material thicknesses reduce additional weight to an absolute minimum.

  • High resistance to vibration
  • Higher insulation value
  • High mechanical strength
  • Oil, acid, and alkali resistant
  • Thermamax