Light and powerful, no tooling costs, close to production-ready from first component and series-production ready in 4 weeks.

This technology is used in following industries:

With Tmax-NIROTEX Thermamax is able to deliver a further approach to the insulation of exhaust systems. Depending on the requirement and the application this metallic-based insulation system can replace shields or soft wraps for example. Tmax-NIROTEX combines an improved thermal and acoustic protection with significantly reduced life-cycle costs.

Tmax-NIROTEX is based on a media-resistant metallic but flexible outer and inner layer sandwiching an insulating material. Due to the flexible installation the Tmax-NIROTEX system differs from other metallic-based solutions in having zero tooling costs. Development times are minimal. That makes this particular technology the ideal solution for pilot production or volumes up to ca. 10000 units. Tmax-NIROTEX can be delivered in volume and fitted easily at Customer’s works.

  • Alternative to insulating shields/soft wraps
  • Improved thermal and acoustic protection
  • Significantly reduced life-cycle costs
  • Easily removed and refitted
  • Thermamax