The Tmax-V-Band Clamp Insulation with Tmax-TwistTec

The right "twist" for the perfect insulation

Many components in the engine compartment and exhaust line are interconnected to make up a complete system – generally using metallic V-Band Clamps of some description. Even an otherwise perfectly insulated system can have gaps at these interfaces, allowing unwanted and uncontrolled heat loss into the engine compartment. Apart from the temperature loss, there is also a risk that heat-sensitive components in the surrounding space may be damaged by the radiated heat.

Tmax-V-Band Clamp Insulation solves these problems in a safe and highly efficient manner.

Tmax-V-Clamp Insulation with Tmax-TwistTec

Tmax-V-Band Clamp Insulation consists of an outer shell in stainless steel, insulated internally with a shaped insulating liner. Depending on customer requirements, two different
types of fixing systems are available for the installation of the insulation to the V-Band Clamp.



















The benefits of Tmax-V-Band Clamp Insulation

 1. Beneficial Heat
Exhaust gas aftertreatment is improved using Tmax-V-Band Clamp Insulation due to the reduced heat loss providing better operating parameters for the exhaust system.


Quickly insulated: Heat radiation at connection points in the exhaust system without and with the Tmax-V-Band-Clamp Insulation

Quickly insulated: Heat radiation at connection points in the exhaust system without and with the Tmax-V-Band Clamp Insulation. 

2. Fast Installation
Depending on customer requirements, Tmax-V-Band Clamp Insulation can be easily fitted and removed. Non-insulated connections can be easily retrofitted.

3. Absolute Safety
A robust, stainless steel construction protects the insulation from water spray, radiated heat, and stone impact, and ensures total protection from any leaks in the exhaust system. Components in the space are safe due to the minimization of radiated heat. Tmax-V-Band Clamps can also be specified with Tmax-DryTec, the water-resistant insulation material, ensuring no ingress of water spray into the insulation system.

4. Attractive Appearance
The bold design in stainless steel complements other Tmax products and provides an impressive overall appearance.

5. Tailored Made Design
All technical customer requirements concerning component geometries, sizes, available space, etc. can be met.

Insulated in no time at all.

Depending on customer requirements, the Tmax-V-Band Clamp Insulation is available with a choice of two different fixing systems. In addition to a conventional screwed connection*, Thermamax can now also provide a new fixing system: Tmax-TwistTec.

Simple, quick installation. 

 Tmax-TwistTec funktioniert nach dem "Sardinenbüchsen-Prinzip".

Tmax-TwistTec operates like a “sardine can” and uses a specially provided ring that is positioned onto the Tmax-V-Band Clamp Insulation and winds out to ensure effective insulation
at the connection point.

Tmax-V-Band Clamp Insulation with Tmax-TwistTec

Tmax-TwistTec needs no additional fixing elements, ensuring simple, quick installation.

Tmax-V-Band-Clamp Insulation with screwed connection

*Tmax-V-Clamp Insulation with screwed connection.