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In-House Test Laboratory

Perfect materials and components form the basis of competitive, innovative and reliable products. As a preferred solutions provider we have only one aim: Our systems must consistently perform better than others on a long term basis. We create the pre-requisites for this with the facilities in our in-house Test Laboratory. Thanks to a wide range of technologies, e.g. Hot Gas Test Rig, Thermography Camera, Stone Impact Test Rig (Link to News), materials and components can undergo different tests including:

  • Geometric Check
  • Load Test
  • Sound Absorption Measurement / Impedance Tube Measurement (DIN EN ISO 10534-2)/Test Devices for Sound Absorption Measurement
  • Stone Impact Testing
  • Shake Test
  • Vibration Calculation
  • Salt Spray Test (DIN   EN ISO 9227).

Thermal, mechanical, and acoustic behavior is comprehensively simulated, tested and calculated. The resulting data is used to accelerate development and manufacture of a fully-functioning, quality end product. This not only saves time and money, but also improves the overall design and production processes.